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Wedding Décor Ideas: Things to consider

1. Add Flowers Everywhere: Incorporate wedding flowers into your reception decorations to create a romantic, timeless atmosphere. Use various types and colors of flowers to create elegant garlands, table centerpieces, and accent pieces. For a unique look, add potted flowers and plants around the reception area.

2. Incorporate Candles: Candlelight creates a beautiful and cozy vibe, perfect for your wedding reception. Hang or place pillar candles, votive candles, and tea light candles throughout the reception.

3. Hang Lanterns and String Lights: Hang paper or metal lanterns, or string strings of lights around the reception area for a fun and romantic look. You can also hang up photos, signs, and other décor that reflects your wedding style.

4. Dress Up the Tables: Create a stylish tablescape with all the necessary items, from plates, flatware, and tablecloths to special servings dishes, vases, and accents.

5. Use Your Color Scheme: Use your wedding color scheme to create a cohesive look at the reception area, by incorporating your colors into tablecloths, napkins, candles, balloons, centerpieces, and other décor pieces.

6. Hang Some Fabric: Drape sheer fabric on walls, ceilings, or other areas of the reception for an extra special décor look.

7. Add an Escort Card Table: An escort card table is where your guests will look to find their seat assignments at the reception. You can make it look extra special by dressing it up with your wedding décor.

8. Rent or Buy Some Lounge Furniture: Rent or buy lounge furniture and set up a “lounge” area at the reception. Add pillows and throws in your color scheme, add some candles, and provide some snacks and drinks to make it inviting.

9. Make a Fun Photo Booth: Create your own photo booth using props and backdrops in your wedding style. Your guests will have a blast taking pictures to remember your special day.

10. Use Your Cake Table as a Décor Piece: Dress up the cake table with a cascading garland

of flowers, an elegant tablecloth, favors, or other accents. This will help make it the center of attention at the reception.


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