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Relive the Moment

From newborns to graduations, here at PARTY PLACE PLANNERS we have photographers and videographers who specialize in capturing the priceless moments that make up your life. Our team has a diverse and accomplished skillset to meet your needs for years to come. There is no such thing as an event or experience too small for us to shoot. We believe getting to know you is a vital part of the artistic process, which helps us capture you and what you love best.

VR Your Wedding

Relive your ceremony and other key points from a unique perspective. You will be able to immerse yourself into your ceremony as one of the guests. 

Relive the first dance, speeches, parent dances and other important moments of your wedding day.

360 Video Only Package

Wedding Day Coverage

Orientation prior with the videographer to discuss camera placement.
2 different perspectives of end to end Wedding coverage. You'll receive 3 hours of 8K Footage. 4K video on Facebook & Youtube for easy sharing with friends. Editing included. 


Put browser in Desktop mode for 360 experience 

Swipe on video to look around 

8K golden logo.png

Photography & Video

Our priority to you is first and foremost an incredible, fun client experience combined with absolutely gorgeous images that capture the vast landscapes and the intimate, emotional moments. Our professional photos make it easy to share on social media and to make your own prints.

Photo & Video Only Package $3800

Wedding Day Coverage
Lead Photographer
6 Hours of Coverage
4K Camera


Up to 200 edited photos
Editing Style options
Unlimited locations
All print rights
No limit on RAW images
Online gallery
Digital download
All RAW files included

Lead Videographer
6 Hours of Coverage

4K Camera

4K video clips to easily 

create your own Social Media Posts of your wedding.

High-quality audio
Online viewing
Digital download
RAW footage 


Complete Package




(Included Everything mentioned above.)

Live broadcast of the wedding ceremony (if available).
Live restream to watch with friends on Facebook or YouTube at a later date.


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