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Top questions to ask an Arizona Wedding Caterer Company

The most commonly asked questions for a wedding company usually involve the services that they provide, the cost associated with their services, availability of dates, business policies such as deposits and cancellations, the number of people that they can accommodate, and references from past clients. Additionally, it is important to find out if the company offers additional services such as event design, setup and cleanup, and photography or videography (Party Place Planners). It is also important to ask about the experience and credentials of the team members and the types of equipment that they use. Finally, be sure to inquire about any payment or financing options that may be available.

1. What services do you provide?

2. What type of foods do you offer?

3. Are you experienced in catering for weddings?

4. Do you offer customized menus for different diets or budgets?

5. Can you provide a sample menu for me to review?

6. What is included in the catering package?

7. Are tastings available prior to booking?

8. What type of service do you provide?

9. Do you provide rental items?

10. How long have you been in business?

11. What is your pricing structure?

12. Do you provide alcoholic beverages?

13. How far in advance should I book you?

14. Do you provide table settings and decorations?

15. Are there any additional costs?

16. Do you provide waitstaff?

17. Do you offer any discounts?

18. What is the cancellation policy?

19. Are you licensed and insured?

20. Can I see some references or reviews?

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