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The Future of Wedding Memories

360° video creates an immersive keepsake, which allows you to relive your big day. 360° video allows newlyweds to look around their venues independently, noticing and remembering new details from their wedding each time they rewatch.

Would you like to share your wedding video on social media? It's become easier than ever to share and view 360 videos over platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

Put browser in Desktop mode for 360 experience 

Swipe on video to look around 

How to Watch Your 360 Wedding Video


Click and Drag: Using mainstream video platforms like You Tube and Facebook you can share and experience your 360 VR wedding video and share it with your friends and family. Watching the 360 video on a computer allows you to use your mouse to click and drag on the video player moving the scene in the direction you wish to view.

Smart Phone (Iphone, Android, Samsung) Different platforms allow you to interact with the 360 image or video. Using your mobile device you can physically move or “look” around you uncovering the field of view in the direction that you move your phone.

Virtual Reality Headset: A variety of different virtual reality headsets are available to consumers. They are easy to use and do not require any special technical knowledge. Many Virtual Reality headsets utilize your smart phone and just require you to drop your smart phone into the viewing case. 

How it Works


To ensure a smooth VR 360 wedding video production, we create a storyboard. We discuss and confirm with the couple to show them the entire process from start to finish. A typical storyboard for a wedding might consist of the following:


  • Introduction of the bride and groom

  • Preparatory scenes; bride and groom getting ready for the big occasion

  • Guests arriving at the place of VR wedding ceremony

  • The bride getting into and out of the wedding car

  • Bride arriving at the place of ceremony

  • Bride walking down the aisle towards the groom

  • The exchanging of vows

  • The bride and groom walking down the aisle and getting into the wedding car

  • The bride and groom arriving at the venue for the reception

  • A few short clips of guests at the reception

  • The best man and grooms’ speeches

  • The bride and groom leaving the venue.

  • options and features


Sometimes - to add a little humor to the 360 VR weddings - a couple may opt for us to include some b-roll scenes also: bloopers, or even short clips from the stag party or hen night at the end of their video or other tales of wedding rings vr.


Regarding the set-up of our equipment, we also schedule a meeting (usually at the wedding rehearsal) with the officiator of the 360 wedding to ensure that we are not blocking any of the wedding guests’ views while still being able to capture the most impressive scenes of the couple and ceremony. This same protocol is also done for the location of the wedding reception where we coordinate positioning and locations with the reception organizers/staff.

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